The Art Of Seduction Industry Edition For Upcoming Rap Artist Elijah Sommerz

The Art of Seduction industry edition

Updated BY: MR Olezhek

“The art of seduction is real”.  One of the key comp nets to being a successful musician is you have to turn your fan base, the very first step is to get into the online community, in my opinion I think is the best way to build a highly engaged, inspired and thriving core of fan base.

The Art Of Seduction Industry Edition For Upcoming Rap Artist Elijah Sommerz

 So we’ll start by looking at how to build a fan base before moving on to the best way to turn that loyal fan base into a thriving online community.

Here are the seven steps we’ll be covering today to help you build a fan base on a global scale:

  • Find your first fans on social media.
  • Be your own PR and build your own public image.
  • Harness the power of email marketing.
  • Create a community website and make sure it is mobile optimised.
  • Make it fun to be your fan with competitions.
  • Be exclusive, but not too exclusive.

Here are some tips form Elijah sommerz about features.

  1. Forget networking: Think of it as building real relationships
  2. Stop talking about your music career and start sharing about yourself
  3. Music is created in communities: Don’t isolate yourself
  4. Do what you love, but that means you have to love the work
  5. Help others with their careers

 Keep in mind that:

In most cases the promoters are the booking agents who make a contractual agreement with singers or musicians for performing in shows. Normally, these agents have direct contact with music bands and singers and hence are able to book them easily. However, the reputed bands or musicians have their own managers who take bookings on behalf of the bands. Nowadays, several music bands are also putting up their websites, through which they can be contacted directly. Through the artists might not get back to you personally, but they will make sure that their representative does. So, if you are looking for a music band for corporate shows or any other event, it is better to contact them directly.

How to run a competition online?

  •   Give fans a link to your competition entry form.

Make sure that you put the link up on social media, on your website in your email marketing. Put it everywhere.

  •   Tell fans that they just have to answer two or three quick questions and put in their email address in order to win the competition.
  •   Give your fans a week or so to enter the competition. Keep posting the link and talking about the competition throughout the week to drive as many people there as possible.
  •   Select one of the entry email addresses randomly and let them know they’ve won!


 We will end this article with some words of encouragement by Elijah sommerz

“I believe with good faith things that are hard to hear with ruthless compassion while standing for your worth and your highest potential will grow in due time”. – Elijah sommerz

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