Simple Ways To Use Ribbon After The Holidays Are Over

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One of the fun things about receiving a gift—and even about giving a gift—is the colorful wrapping paper and ribbons.  From Christmas parties to wedding receptions to birthdays, gifts—and gift wrapping—are fun because gifts are not just about what you get: it is also about the surprise and the anticipation.

And everyone has a box of wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows in their garage or their basement: leftovers from last Christmas or a recent celebration. While it is very easy to go through your rolls of wrapping paper, it is very easy to overlook just how rarely you might use your ribbon and bows; and because of that you can often end up with a whole lot of extra ribbons and bows.

But, you know, if you just get really creative about it, you can find other ways to use these accoutrements over the course of the rest of the year.


Ribbon is designed to be decorative, of course, and that means you can pretty much consider it useful for anything else that needs a little embellishment. Think of satin ribbon, for example, as part of a lampshade cover; something whimsical like that.  You can use any fabric you have lying around, of course, but ribbon is already cut and shaped (and you probably have quite a bit of it just taking up space).

You can use ribbon to decorate your home in so many different ways.  Make a ribbon chandelier for the nursery or even a mobile for the crib.  Ribbon could be used to embellish curtains and many other things too: just use your imagination!


And because ribbon is designed to be decorative—and because you are so imaginative—you might also find ways to wear ribbon as an accessory. Obviously, there are many charities, organizations, and awareness campaigns that have chosen a colored ribbon as a simple way to show you support their cause.  A simple pink ribbon worn with a safety pin, for example, is a way to show that you support breast cancer research (and more expansively women's health). 

In addition, though, you could wear a ribbon in your hair (attached to a headband, hair clip, or other hair accessory)–simple but still whimsical.  You could wear a ribbon with a lapel pin or added to a name badge. As you can see, there are many simple ways you can wear a ribbon as decoration. 

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