On Campervans In The Film

A campervan comes to most movie lovers’ minds when we talk about the film “About Schmidt“. Most people can’t forget the enviable lifestyle lived in the campervan in this movie. Warren Schmidt driving his Winnebago Adventurer campervan from Omaha to Denver, is also symbolic for self and spiritual redemption. “About Schmidt” got excellent box office sales all over the world. We were impressed by the Campervan.

If you are about to plan a campervan road trip, no matter with a rented from campervan hire sydney, or around the world, I found these ten films regarding about campervans, let’s take a look:

On Campervans In The Film

1. Lost in America

Albert Brooks quit his decent job and buys a campervan to begin his new life.

On Campervans In The Film

2. Independence Day

Will Smith unites all patriotic civilians in an RV to save the earth from attack by aliens.

3.  What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Caring for his obese mothers and autistic brother by himself, Johnny Depp meets his future girlfriend and her grandmother in an RV, he which begins his new life.

4. Charlie’s Angels

As one of three glamorous female bodyguards, Lucy Liu lives in an RV when she tracks a scientist who has been kidnapped.

On Campervans In The Film

5. Jurassic Park

In their special motorhome, scientists Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern are attacked by some pre-historic dinosaurs.

6. Stripes

Bill Murray robs a grill guarding a high-tech military RV, and gets involved in an international affair.

On Campervans In The Film

7. Spaceballs

John Candy and Bill Pullman travel the galaxy in a motorhome and rescue a princess from the the wicked prince.

8. A Perfect World

Clint Eastwood drive his campervan to pursue an escaped criminal and an 8 year old hostage.

9. The Long, Long Trailer

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz decied to buy a new RV so that they can live together.

On Campervans In The Film

10. The Wild Thornberry’s Movie

A happy family begin their trip the African plains with a high-tech and fully equipped motorhome. In the meantime, their daughter begins the battle of wits with a gang of local villains.

Jack Wei is a movie and travel lover,this article was written by him. Talk to him at his email : [email protected]

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