Fire Up Your Entertainment Venue With Colorful Fountains Of Light

When you showcase a colorful fountain display, you suddenly create an attraction – one that draws crowds of people into restaurants, theatres, malls, and other businesses. Regardless of the weather, these indoor shows can be seen night or day. Plus, these fountains of light are noted for their exceptionally low maintenance requirements. In fact, firework-type fountains can operate for months on end, with little servicing needed. The only thing you may need to do is replace a burned-out light every now and then.

Fire Up Your Entertainment Venue With Colorful Fountains Of Light

A Spectacular and Colorful Light Show

So, how is this done? The colorful liquid displays are created through high-tech dichroic filters. The filters supply color saturation that is four times stronger than the light of glass or gels. So, if you want to impress an audience, this is the way to do it. These liquid firework-type displays offer inspiring dancing lights that feature all the beauty and magic of a fireworks finale. Not only that, the intensely vibrant displays are complemented with music as well.

The Dichroic Filter is Used in Architectural and Theatrical Productions

The dichroic filter that is used to produce this magic works with select passages of light. By comparison, dichroic mirrors replicate colors through reflection. Therefore, a dichroic filter can filter light from a source of white illumination, to create a light that is perceived to be definitively intense. This is why these types of filters are popular in theatrical and architectural applications.

As a result, the colorful indoor water fountains that are produced by the aforementioned filters supply a show that is as mesmerizing as watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. This is because dichroic filters employ the principle of thin-film interference, and therefore create colors as oil does on water.

When light hits an oil film at a certain angle, the rays are reflected from the bottom surface and top surface of the oil. Since reflections from the bottom travel a slightly lengthier path, some of the light waves are canceled while others are enhanced. This type of activity then produces the hues and tones that are seen in a liquid color show.

Iridescent Liquid Colors

In turn, the color display features iridescent hues, much in the same way as glass jewelry. In fact, this type of jewelry is sometimes fabricated to act much in the same way as a dichroic filter. Due to the way that the waves of light vary with the light’s angle of incidence, this type of jewelry changes color when it is worn. Dichroic filters are also used for screening 3D movies.

Thanks to the dichroic filter, entertainment venues are able to supply a maximum viewing experience for people during their leisure times. However, the filter’s use for liquid fireworks is one that cannot be dismissed. If you are a business that wants to continually attract customers to your venue, you cannot overlook the advantages of offering this unique form of entertainment.

Images of this type can be established as self-standing and self-supporting attractions. So, make a big splash and invest in a fountain light show for your business or eatery.

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