Adam Scott Joins Johnny Depp in ‘Black Mass’

Adam Scott has joined Johnny Depp in Black Mass, the Whitey Bulger wrongdoing show from Warner Bros. also Cross Creek Pictures.

Depp will play the South Boston criminal driving force, who was sentenced in November to two continuous life terms in addition to five years in the wake of being discovered blameworthy on 31 checks of racketeering, IRS evasion, coercion and weapons charges (counting his part in 19 killings).

The cast recently incorporates Joel Edgerton as FBI executor John Connolly, and Benedict Cumberbatch is in converses with supplant Guy Pearce as Whitey’s sibling Bill. Additionally on the move call are Fifty Shades of Gray performing artist Dakota Johnson, Juno Temple and Jesse Plemons.

Scott will play a FBI operator named Robert Fitzpatrick.

Adam Scott Joins Johnny Depp in 'Black Mass'

Insane Heart helmer Scott Cooper is running the motion picture, which is at present shooting in Boston.

This is the second elegant motion picture that Scott is shooting this hot time of year. After Black Mass, the on-screen character heads to New York City for Sleeping With Other People, a lighthearted comedy that likewise stars Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie and Amanda Peet.

Leslye Headland composed and will run the Sidney Kimmel Entertainment motion picture.

Scott as of late featured and executive prepared Overnight, a parody with Jason Schwartzman and Taylor Schilling, close by his wife Naomi Scott (through their Gettin’ Rad Productions) and Mark Duplass. He will likewise be seen this Christmas in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and returns for season seven of NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

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